3 – Remote Transfer

Remote transfer can help you transfer accounts from remote CyberPanel installation to local CyberPanel installation. Version 1.5 of CyberPanel is required on both ends. Fetch Accounts Main > Back ups > Remote Back ups The first step is to fetch and select accounts you want to transfer from the remote server.     Enter IP […]

2 – Automatic Remote Backups

CyberPanel allows you to schedule and send backups to remote locations (Daily/Weekly). Requirements For automatic remote backups to work there are two requirements. You need a vps or dedicated server. Your remote VPS and or dedicated server must have rsync installed on it. If you have these two requirements met, you are ready to go. Please make […]

1 – Backup/Restore

CyberPanel supports one click back/restore for your accounts. How To Take Backup Taking complete backup of a website account is simple. Main » Backup » Create Backup   Select website from the list that you want to backup. Select backup destination. Click ‘Create Backup’. It will take some time depending on the amount of space […]