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Cloud Onboarding: How to Get Your Team Started

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As technology is at an all-time high in this modern age, and more and more advancements are being made, businesses shifting to the cloud has become popular and frequent. The reason behind this choice can be streamlining operations, working remotely at your convenience, enhanced collaboration, and inexpensive costs, all achievable through the cloud. First, let’s dive into the basics:

Understanding the Basics

The cloud is like a gigantic network of supercomputers in the world connected through the internet. Instead of storing or accessing a photo or video on your device, you can store and access your documents and files on any server or local computers in this gigantic network called ‘the cloud’. Cloud computing allows access to resources of other devices remotely via the internet.

Why is Cloud Onboarding Necessary?

Cloud onboarding is the process of seamlessly migrating an organization’s data and applications to the cloud. By assessing your organization’s needs and figuring out which cloud service provider goes well with them, you can start planning and preparing for your organization’s migration to the cloud and use the cloud’s cool features to their fullest. Transferring things to the cloud can feel overwhelming. That’s why step-by-step onboarding helps you figure things out smoothly and in an orderly fashion. 

3 Steps to Get Your Team Started

While transitioning your organization’s data to the cloud does fetch the benefits of cloud computing and seems cool, a smooth transition is crucial for maximizing its benefits and minimizing disruption. Here’s a three-step guide to effectively onboarding your team to the cloud:

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  1. Foundational Knowledge

It is crucial for your team to have developed a foundational understanding of cloud computing concepts before having a workplace transition. The first step is to explain core ideas like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

It is also pivotal for organizations to identify and address any skill gaps. Your team needs to be familiar with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. It is a good idea to invest in workshops or training programs to bridge such gaps if they exist. A strong foundation will pave a clearer pathway to achieving your new cloud-based organization goals.

  1. Navigating the Cloud Environment

Once you’ve transitioned to the cloud, provide team members with access to the platform and resources associated with it. This may include creating user accounts, setting up permissions, and familiarizing oneself with the user interface (UI) of the platform. Encourage a cloud-centric mindset amongst your team members. Help them understand the difference between traditional on-premise deployments and cloud-based solutions.

Security and management are paramount when it comes to any sort of data uploaded online. Your team must be trained on cloud security best practices. You can also implement a cloud operating model for adept management and safety of your organization’s sensitive data uploaded on the cloud.

  1. Ongoing Support and Monitoring

The need for a support system is significant as your team ventures into the cloud. This can include creating internal knowledge bases, designating cloud champions within the team, or establishing a communication channel for troubleshooting issues. Tracking key metrics like resource utilization, cost optimization, and application performance helps you identify areas for improvement and monitor your system for success. It’s also fundamental to stay updated on the latest cloud trends and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve. One can do so by attending cloud conferences, participating in online communities, or subscribing to industry publications.


Cloud onboarding is an essential step for organizations looking to harness the power of cloud computing effectively. Remember, it is a powerful tool that can elevate your organization to new levels of efficiency, agility, and innovation.

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