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Has Amazon Blocked Kodi on Firestick? What You Need to Know

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[Meta-description: Amazon has taken steps to block Kodi on Fire TV Sticks because it can be home to questionable content. Thankfully, there are some ways to get around these restrictions and use Kodi on your Firestick.]

Kodi is one of the most popular media apps and can function as a central hub for all of your home media needs. While it’s free to download on a Firestick, Amazon may block you from accessing some content or add-ons. The good news is that you can get around blocked content on Kodi, even if your internet service provider (ISP) is the one blocking it.

Regardless of why you need Kodi, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about Kodi, why Amazon blocked access to Kodi on Fire TV Sticks, and how you can get back to using it.

What Is Kodi?

Kodi has been around since 2002, but back then it was known as Xbox Media Player (XBMP).

Then, once 2004 came around it was rebranded as Xbox Media Center (XBMC). It held this branding until 2014 when it split ways with Microsoft consoles, which helped it become non-reliant on Microsoft consoles or computers. Once this transition happened, the app was rebranded one final time as Kodi.

Is Kodi Blocked on an Amazon Firestick?

No, Kodi is not blocked on an Amazon Firestick. You can download the app and it’s safe to use on your device. The only aspect of Kodi that’s blocked are add-ons. Some add-ons may not be available in your country, so it’s important to check before trying to download anything.

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Is Kodi Legal?

Yes, Kodi is a legal app. You don’t have to worry about getting into trouble when using Kodi unless you download third-party add-ons. According to Kodi, Kodi as it’s provided is completely legal.

That said, as long as the add-on isn’t used for illegal streaming, you shouldn’t have any problems with Kodi.

Reasons Amazon Might Be Blocking Your Kodi Application

Amazon doesn’t stop you from downloading the Kodi app on their Fire TV Sticks. However, your internet service provider and geographic location might block certain Kodi add-ons or use of the app entirely. Furthermore, you might have an issue with just the Kodi app that needs to be fixed.

Internet Service Provider Blocking Kodi

Amazon Firesticks need the internet to function properly and you need an internet service provider to get internet. Unfortunately, some providers may block certain applications or streams from being viewed.

This is more common in countries like the United Kingdom but it’s a growing issue in the United States. When your ISP is blocking access, it’s best to use a VPN to resolve the problem unless you have access to your ISP’s settings.

Geographic Location

It’s not uncommon for apps like Kodi, Netflix, or other streaming services to have different content depending on your location. For example, some shows might be available in London but not in Los Angeles. Therefore, your location can impact what content is blocked on your Amazon Firestick.

When a geographic location is impacting your Kodi usage, you’ll need a VPN to get back online.

Problems With the Kodi App

Last but not least, Kodi or any add-ons you have installed might be having some problems. You can always reset your Firestick or the app to see if it works. Redownloading the app and any add-ons can also help. If this does not work, you’ll have to start troubleshooting with your location and ISP.

These are some of the most common reasons that an Amazon Firestick will have Kodi blocked.

How to Unblock Kodi on Your Amazon Firestick With NordVPN

Removing Kodi add-ons or the app itself won’t be an option if you still want to stream with Kodi, which is where VPNs come into play. Unblocking Kodi on your Amazon Firestick is a breeze when you use a VPN like Nord. When you use one of Nord’s servers, your device displays that IP address, so you can get around any restrictions your country has by switching to a Nord server in a different one.

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All you have to do is install the app and connect to a server. You can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Sign up for NordVPN and create an account. You can use this account on several devices, it’s not limited to your Firestick.
  2. Download NordVPN’s VPN for Firestick. You’ll have to download NordVPN on every device you want to use it on.
  3. Open the NordVPN app on your Amazon Firestick and connect to a NordVPN server.
  4. Close out the NordVPN app and download or open Kodi.

When you open Kodi with NordVPN you’ll have access to the entirety of Kodi’s content. Amazon can’t block you, and nothing else will prevent you from streaming or viewing content.

Use Kodi on Any Amazon Firestick Today

Kodi can be blocked by Firestick, but it’s not ironclad. With the right tools, you can get around Amazon’s restrictions and stream anything on Kodi.

We always recommend using a VPN to get started because it will mask your IP address and prevent any issues from happening if something goes wrong. Plus, using a VPN to unblock Kodi on your Firestick can help you stream content from across the world.

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