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Reverse Proxy Traffic to Docker Container on CyberPanel

We’ve recently released Docker Manager.  If you are running a web application in your Docker Container you may want to reverse proxy traffic from main webserver (OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Web server Enterprise) to docker container.  This setup have few benefits,

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Install WordPress on CyberPanel and Setup MailGun to Send Emails

Mailgun is an email automation service. It gives you a cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking email sent through your websites and applications. Mailgun features are available through an intuitive RESTful API or with the traditional email protocols

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How to setup DJANGO application on CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed

DJANGO is a web application framework built with Python. DJANGO seen a tremendous growth recently, and a lot of developers are moving towards this framework. DJANGO official slogan says “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. CyberPanel is also built

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Skin Customization for CyberPanel

Our Community member did some skin customizations. To perform the customizations please follow these steps wget https://cyberpanel.sh/skin.sh chmod +x skin.sh ./skin.sh Some images from the modified CyberPanel      

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How to remove port 8090 from CyberPanel

Many of the users have asked about removing port 8090 so that they can visit CyberPanel on a plain domain like panel.cyberpanel.net. However, normally this is not possible because port 8090 is hardcoded into to LSCPD server which powers CyberPanel.

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Learn why people are moving their WordPress setups to CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a web hosting control panel based on OpenLiteSpeed. As of July 2018, WordPress is the most used content management system (~60% by w3techs survey). WordPress contains a lot of PHP code which means sometimes it is resource heavy on

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How to Set up Wildcard SSL on CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed!

We showed you how to set up custom SSL for your domain in CyberPanel. If you missed it, then follow that guide: How to setup Custom SSL with CyberPanel! Today, we will explain how you can generate a wildcard SSL

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Achieve 10/10 Email score with CyberPanel!

Sending emails to the inbox is always a tricky thing for even experienced system administrators, running a healthy email server requires great attention. I will be mostly talking about transactional emails in this article, even though it can be applied

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CyberPanel 1.6.4 Released with DKIM Manager, Improved DNS Module and Bug fixes!

Our last stable update was 18th April, 2018 as you can see on change logs. Finally we are ready to release version 1.6.4, this version needs a seprate blog post because there are some interesting changes made. Starting version 1.6.4

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How to setup Custom SSL with CyberPanel!

You want to buy SSL for your domain and you’re wondering how to add that SSL through CyberPanel. These days security is a primary concern. We all want HTTPS for our websites, as the ‘Not Secure’ tag on the address